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10/02Natat TEXASWHITLEY CHASE+140102WinPush
10/01Natat TEXASODORIZZI JAKE-11593WinUnder
09/30Natat TEXASANDRIESE MATT+1878.5-2LossUnder
09/29Natat CHI WHITE SOXARCHER CHRIS+1057.52WinOver
09/28Natat CHI WHITE SOXSNELL BLAKE-1158.5-1LossUnder
09/27Natat CHI WHITE SOXCOBB ALEX+1657-7LossOver
09/26Natat CHI WHITE SOXSMYLY DREW-1359-6LossUnder
09/25Domevs BOSTONODORIZZI JAKE+1158-1LossUnder
09/24Domevs BOSTONANDRIESE MATT+1258-2LossOver
09/23Domevs BOSTONARCHER CHRIS+1007.5-1LossUnder
09/22Domevs NY YANKEESSNELL BLAKE-13082WinUnder
09/21Domevs NY YANKEESCOBB ALEX+1107-6LossOver
09/20Domevs NY YANKEESSMYLY DREW+1057-2LossOver
09/18Natat BALTIMOREODORIZZI JAKE+1359-1LossUnder
09/16Natat BALTIMOREARCHER CHRIS-1059-1LossPush
09/15Natat BALTIMORESNELL BLAKE+10591WinOver
09/14Artat TORONTOCOBB ALEX+1308.57WinOver
09/13Artat TORONTOSMYLY DREW+16594WinUnder
09/12Artat TORONTOODORIZZI JAKE+1659-1LossUnder
09/11Natat NY YANKEESANDRIESE MATT+110102WinUnder
09/10Natat NY YANKEESARCHER CHRIS+1308-4LossUnder
09/09Natat NY YANKEESSNELL BLAKE+1608.5-2LossOver
09/08Natat NY YANKEESCOBB ALEX+1158.5-1LossOver
09/07Domevs BALTIMORESMYLY DREW+1107.51WinOver
09/06Domevs BALTIMOREODORIZZI JAKE-1408.5-9LossOver
09/05Domevs BALTIMOREANDRIESE MATT-1158.5-4LossOver
09/04Domevs TORONTOARCHER CHRIS-1057-2LossOver
09/03Domevs TORONTOSNELL BLAKE+12582WinOver
09/02Domevs TORONTOCOBB ALEX+13585WinOver
08/31Natat BOSTONSMYLY DREW+14510-2LossOver
08/30Natat BOSTONODORIZZI JAKE+1559.51WinUnder
08/29Natat BOSTONANDRIESE MATT+1559.5-5LossOver
08/28Natat HOUSTONARCHER CHRIS+1007.56WinOver
08/27Natat HOUSTONSNELL BLAKE+1807.5-4LossOver
08/26Natat HOUSTONSMYLY DREW+1408-1LossOver
08/25Domevs BOSTONODORIZZI JAKE+1107.51WinUnder
08/24Domevs BOSTONANDRIESE MATT+12581WinUnder
08/23Domevs BOSTONARCHER CHRIS-1207.5-1LossUnder
08/22Domevs BOSTONSNELL BLAKE+1457.5-4LossOver
08/21Domevs TEXASSMYLY DREW-1158.54WinOver
08/20Domevs TEXASODORIZZI JAKE-11086WinOver
08/19Domevs TEXASANDRIESE MATT+1257.5-4LossOver
08/17Domevs SAN DIEGOARCHER CHRIS-2007.52WinUnder
08/16Domevs SAN DIEGOSNELL BLAKE-190814WinOver
08/15Domevs SAN DIEGOSMYLY DREW-20086WinOver
08/13Natat NY YANKEESANDRIESE MATT+1258-4LossOver
08/12Natat NY YANKEESARCHER CHRIS-1158.5-3LossOver
08/10Artat TORONTOSNELL BLAKE+1709-7LossUnder
08/09Artat TORONTOSMYLY DREW+18597WinOver
08/08Artat TORONTOODORIZZI JAKE+1359-2LossOver
08/07Domevs MINNESOTAANDRIESE MATT-1258-3LossOver
08/06Domevs MINNESOTAARCHER CHRIS-13574WinOver
08/05Domevs MINNESOTASNELL BLAKE-1257.5-4LossOver
08/04Domevs KANSAS CITYSMYLY DREW-1357.51WinUnder
08/03Domevs KANSAS CITYODORIZZI JAKE-145712WinOver
08/02Domevs KANSAS CITYANDRIESE MATT-1207.5-1LossUnder
08/01Domevs KANSAS CITYARCHER CHRIS-1257-3LossUnder
07/31Domevs NY YANKEESSNELL BLAKE+10572WinOver
07/30Domevs NY YANKEESSMYLY DREW-12073WinOver
07/29Domevs NY YANKEESODORIZZI JAKE-1257.54WinUnder
07/27Natat LA DODGERSMOORE MATT+1557.52WinUnder
07/26Natat LA DODGERSARCHER CHRIS+1157.5-1LossUnder
07/24Natat OAKLANDSNELL BLAKE-1309-1LossUnder
07/23Natat OAKLANDSMYLY DREW-1308.5-1LossUnder
07/22Natat OAKLANDODORIZZI JAKE-1258-1LossUnder
07/21Natat OAKLANDMOORE MATT+12084WinOver
07/20Natat COLORADOARCHER CHRIS-120128WinOver
07/19Natat COLORADOSNELL BLAKE+11011.59WinUnder
07/18Natat COLORADOSMYLY DREW+11511-3LossPush
07/17Domevs BALTIMOREODORIZZI JAKE+11083WinUnder
07/16Domevs BALTIMOREMOORE MATT+1158-1LossUnder
07/15Domevs BALTIMOREARCHER CHRIS-1258.5-1LossUnder
07/10Natat BOSTONODORIZZI JAKE+2059-4LossUnder
07/09Natat BOSTONMOORE MATT+17010-3LossUnder
07/08Natat BOSTONARCHER CHRIS-10510-1LossOver
07/07Domevs LA ANGELSSNELL BLAKE-1059-4LossUnder
07/06Domevs LA ANGELSSMYLY DREW-1509.5-5LossUnder
07/05Domevs LA ANGELSODORIZZI JAKE-1808.5-8LossOver
07/04Domevs LA ANGELSMOORE MATT-1158.52WinUnder
07/03Domevs DETROITARCHER CHRIS-1759-4LossUnder
07/02Domevs DETROITSNELL BLAKE+1158.5-1LossUnder
07/01Domevs DETROITSMYLY DREW-1158.5-8LossOver
06/30Domevs DETROITODORIZZI JAKE-1108-3LossOver
06/29Domevs BOSTONMOORE MATT+16084WinUnder
06/28Domevs BOSTONARCHER CHRIS-1057.5-6LossOver
06/27Domevs BOSTONSNELL BLAKE-10586WinOver
06/26Natat BALTIMORESMYLY DREW+1159-7LossOver
06/25Natat BALTIMOREANDRIESE MATT+1559-5LossUnder
06/25Natat BALTIMOREODORIZZI JAKE+1408.5-2LossOver
06/24Natat BALTIMOREMOORE MATT+1359.5-3LossUnder
06/22Natat CLEVELANDARCHER CHRIS+1158.5-5LossUnder
06/21Natat CLEVELANDSNELL BLAKE+1658-6LossUnder
06/20Natat CLEVELANDSMYLY DREW+1108.5-3LossOver
06/19Domevs SAN FRANCISCOODORIZZI JAKE-1357.5-4LossUnder
06/18Domevs SAN FRANCISCOMOORE MATT-1358-2LossOver
06/17Domevs SAN FRANCISCOARCHER CHRIS-1207.5-4LossUnder
06/16Domevs SEATTLESNELL BLAKE+1107.5-2LossOver
06/15Domevs SEATTLESMYLY DREW-1307.51WinUnder
06/14Domevs SEATTLEODORIZZI JAKE-1207.51WinOver
06/12Domevs HOUSTONMOORE MATT+1257.55WinUnder
06/11Domevs HOUSTONARCHER CHRIS-1257.5-1LossUnder
06/10Domevs HOUSTONANDRIESE MATT-1107.51WinUnder
06/08Natat ARIZONAODORIZZI JAKE+1058.53WinOver
06/07Natat ARIZONAMOORE MATT+1708-5LossUnder
06/06Natat ARIZONAARCHER CHRIS+11582WinOver
06/05Natat MINNESOTASMYLY DREW-12082WinOver
06/04Natat MINNESOTAANDRIESE MATT-1058.53WinOver
06/03Natat MINNESOTAODORIZZI JAKE-1158.52WinUnder
06/02Natat MINNESOTAMOORE MATT-1159-2LossOver
06/01Natat KANSAS CITYARCHER CHRIS+1107-3LossOver
05/31Natat KANSAS CITYSMYLY DREW-1207.5-5LossOver
05/30Natat KANSAS CITYANDRIESE MATT+1107.5-4LossOver
05/29Domevs NY YANKEESODORIZZI JAKE+1007-1LossUnder
05/28Domevs NY YANKEESMOORE MATT-1107.54WinOver
05/27Domevs NY YANKEESARCHER CHRIS+1057-3LossUnder
05/26Domevs MIAMISMYLY DREW-1256.5-8LossOver
05/25Domevs MIAMIANDRIESE MATT-2308.5-1LossUnder
05/24Natat MIAMIODORIZZI JAKE-12081WinUnder
05/23Natat MIAMIMOORE MATT+1107.5-1LossOver
05/22Natat DETROITARCHER CHRIS-1058.5-5LossOver
05/21Natat DETROITSMYLY DREW-1259-1LossPush
05/20Natat DETROITANDRIESE MATT-11092WinOver
05/18Artat TORONTOODORIZZI JAKE-1058.53WinOver
05/17Artat TORONTOARCHER CHRIS+140810WinOver
05/16Artat TORONTOSMYLY DREW+115811WinOver
05/15Domevs OAKLANDMOORE MATT-1407.5-1LossOver
05/14Domevs OAKLANDANDRIESE MATT-13586WinUnder
05/13Domevs OAKLANDODORIZZI JAKE-1207-3LossOver
05/11Natat SEATTLEARCHER CHRIS+1157-1LossOver
05/10Natat SEATTLESMYLY DREW-1307-2LossOver
05/09Natat SEATTLEMOORE MATT+1207-3LossPush
05/08Natat LA ANGELSANDRIESE MATT+10582WinUnder
05/07Natat LA ANGELSODORIZZI JAKE-12582WinUnder
05/06Natat LA ANGELSARCHER CHRIS-1307.53WinUnder
05/04Domevs LA DODGERSSMYLY DREW-16073WinOver
05/03Domevs LA DODGERSMOORE MATT-1458-5LossOver
05/01Domevs TORONTOODORIZZI JAKE+1107.5-4LossUnder
04/30Domevs TORONTOARCHER CHRIS-1257.51WinUnder
04/29Domevs TORONTOSMYLY DREW-1207.5-5LossUnder
04/27Domevs BALTIMOREMOORE MATT-1107.5-2LossUnder
04/26Domevs BALTIMOREODORIZZI JAKE-1207.52WinUnder
04/25Domevs BALTIMOREARCHER CHRIS-12072WinUnder
04/24Natat NY YANKEESSMYLY DREW+1057.57WinOver
04/23Natat NY YANKEESSNELL BLAKE+1457.5-1LossUnder
04/22Natat NY YANKEESMOORE MATT-1159-3LossPush
04/21Natat BOSTONODORIZZI JAKE+1508.54WinOver
04/20Natat BOSTONARCHER CHRIS-1108-4LossOver
04/19Natat BOSTONSMYLY DREW-1108.53WinUnder
04/17Domevs CHI WHITE SOXMOORE MATT+1007.51WinUnder
04/15Domevs CHI WHITE SOXODORIZZI JAKE+1006.5-1LossUnder
04/14Domevs CLEVELANDARCHER CHRIS-1407-6LossUnder
04/13Domevs CLEVELANDSMYLY DREW+1057-3LossUnder
04/12Domevs CLEVELANDMOORE MATT+11074WinUnder
04/10Natat BALTIMOREODORIZZI JAKE-1108-2LossPush
04/08Natat BALTIMOREARCHER CHRIS-1258-5LossUnder
04/06Domevs TORONTOMOORE MATT+1158.52WinUnder
04/05Domevs TORONTOODORIZZI JAKE+10081WinUnder
04/04Domevs TORONTOSMYLY DREW-1158-2LossPush
04/03Domevs TORONTOARCHER CHRIS-1157-2LossOver
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FOOTBALL: 11/1/2016 - 2/5/2017
BASKETBALL 12/13/2016 - 1/9/2017
HOCKEY 12/13/2016 - 1/9/2017
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College FootballArmy vs Navy12:00 PM PST
NBAMilwaukee Bucks at Washington Wizards4:00 PM PST
NBADenver Nuggets at Orlando Magic4:00 PM PST
NBAPortland Trail Blazers at Indiana Pacers4:00 PM PST
NBACharlotte Hornets at Cleveland Cavaliers4:30 PM PST
NBADallas Mavericks at Houston Rockets5:00 PM PST
NBAMiami Heat at Chicago Bulls5:00 PM PST
NBAGolden State Warriors at Memphis Grizzlies5:00 PM PST
NBABrooklyn Nets at San Antonio Spurs5:30 PM PST
NBASacramento Kings at Utah Jazz6:00 PM PST
NBANew Orleans Pelicans at Los Angeles Clippers7:30 PM PST
NFLWashington Redskins vs Philadelphia Eagles10:00 AM PST
NFLSan Diego Chargers vs Carolina Panthers10:00 AM PST
NFLDenver Broncos vs Tennessee Titans10:00 AM PST
NFLMinnesota Vikings vs Jacksonville Jaguars10:00 AM PST
NFLPittsburgh Steelers vs Buffalo Bills10:00 AM PST
NFLHouston Texans vs Indianapolis Colts10:00 AM PST
NFLArizona Cardinals vs Miami Dolphins10:00 AM PST
NFLChicago Bears vs Detroit Lions10:00 AM PST
NFLCincinnati Bengals vs Cleveland Browns10:00 AM PST
NFLNew York Jets vs San Francisco 49ers1:05 PM PST
NFLNew Orleans Saints vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers1:25 PM PST
NFLSeattle Seahawks vs Green Bay Packers1:25 PM PST
NFLAtlanta Falcons vs Los Angeles Rams1:25 PM PST
NFLDallas Cowboys vs New York Giants5:30 PM PST
NFLBaltimore Ravens vs New England Patriots5:30 PM PST
College FootballNC Central vs Grambling09:00 AM PST
College FootballUTSA vs New Mexico11:00 AM PST
College FootballHouston vs San Diego State12:30 PM PST
College FootballArkansas State vs Central Florida2:30 PM PST
College FootballAppalachian State vs Toledo2:30 PM PST
College FootballSouthern Miss vs UL Lafayette6:00 PM PST
College FootballCentral Michigan vs Tulsa11:30 AM PST
College FootballMemphis vs Western Kentucky4:00 PM PST
College FootballBYU vs Wyoming6:00 PM PST
College FootballColorado State vs Idaho4:00 PM PST
College FootballEastern Michigan vs Old Dominion10:00 AM PST
College FootballLouisiana Tech vs Navy1:30 PM PST
College FootballOhio vs Troy5:00 PM PST
College FootballMiddle Tennessee State vs Hawaii5:00 PM PST
College FootballMiami Ohio vs Mississippi State08:00 AM PST
College FootballMaryland vs Boston College11:30 AM PST
College FootballVanderbilt vs NC State2:00 PM PST
College FootballArmy vs North Texas09:00 AM PST
College FootballWake Forest vs Temple12:30 PM PST
College FootballWashington State vs Minnesota4:00 PM PST
College FootballBaylor vs Boise State7:15 PM PST
College FootballNorthwestern vs Pittsburgh11:00 AM PST