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Matchup Reports

Game log for the 2016 Season  -- All Games YTDView Last 20 YTD
09/30Natvs TAMPA BAYDARVISH YU-2058.52WinUnder
09/28Natvs MILWAUKEEHAMELS COLE-21093WinOver
09/27Natvs MILWAUKEEGRIFFIN A.J.-1909.52WinOver
09/26Natvs MILWAUKEEPEREZ MARTIN-1759.5-5LossOver
09/25Natat OAKLANDLEWIS COLBY+1008-6LossPush
09/24Natat OAKLANDDARVISH YU-11585WinUnder
09/23Natat OAKLANDHAMELS COLE-14583WinUnder
09/21Natvs LA ANGELSHOLLAND DEREK-14511-1LossUnder
09/20Natvs LA ANGELSGRIFFIN A.J.-19510.51WinUnder
09/19Natvs LA ANGELSPEREZ MARTIN-13010.51WinUnder
09/18Natvs OAKLANDLEWIS COLBY-17010.5-3LossUnder
09/17Natvs OAKLANDDARVISH YU-2359.5-9LossOver
09/16Natvs OAKLANDHAMELS COLE-19091WinOver
09/14Natat HOUSTONHOLLAND DEREK+1458.5-4LossOver
09/13Natat HOUSTONGRIFFIN A.J.+13091WinUnder
09/12Natat HOUSTONPEREZ MARTIN+1259.51WinUnder
09/11Natat LA ANGELSLEWIS COLBY-1159.5-1LossUnder
09/10Natat LA ANGELSHAMELS COLE-1558.53WinOver
09/09Natat LA ANGELSDARVISH YU-1307.51WinUnder
09/08Natat SEATTLEHOLLAND DEREK+1158.5-3LossOver
09/07Natat SEATTLEGRIFFIN A.J.+1109-5LossOver
09/06Natat SEATTLEPEREZ MARTIN+14583WinOver
09/05Natat SEATTLEHAMELS COLE-1107-8LossOver
09/04Natvs HOUSTONDARVISH YU-1559-1LossOver
09/03Natvs HOUSTONHOLLAND DEREK+135108WinOver
09/02Natvs HOUSTONGRIFFIN A.J.-1159.52WinOver
08/31Natvs SEATTLEPEREZ MARTIN-1059.513WinOver
08/30Natvs SEATTLEHAMELS COLE-1508.51WinOver
08/29Natvs SEATTLEDARVISH YU-1658.53WinOver
08/28Natvs CLEVELANDHOLLAND DEREK+1059.51WinUnder
08/27Natvs CLEVELANDGRIFFIN A.J.+13597WinUnder
08/26Natvs CLEVELANDPEREZ MARTIN+1358.5-11LossOver
08/25Natvs CLEVELANDHAMELS COLE-14599WinPush
08/24Natat CINCINNATIDARVISH YU-2108.51WinOver
08/23Natat CINCINNATIHOLLAND DEREK-1209-3LossUnder
08/21Domeat TAMPA BAYPEREZ MARTIN+1058.5-4LossOver
08/20Domeat TAMPA BAYGRIFFIN A.J.+1008-6LossOver
08/19Domeat TAMPA BAYHAMELS COLE-1357.54WinOver
08/17Natvs OAKLANDDARVISH YU-2408.54WinUnder
08/16Natvs OAKLANDHARRELL LUCAS-12010.51WinUnder
08/15Natvs OAKLANDPEREZ MARTIN-17510.53WinUnder
08/14Natvs DETROITGRIFFIN A.J.-1359.5-7LossUnder
08/13Natvs DETROITHAMELS COLE-1709.5-2LossUnder
08/12Natvs DETROITDARVISH YU-20093WinOver
08/11Natvs COLORADOHARRELL LUCAS-14011-3LossOver
08/10Natvs COLORADOPEREZ MARTIN-18510.51WinUnder
08/09Natat COLORADOGRIFFIN A.J.-110122WinPush
08/08Natat COLORADOHAMELS COLE-12510.51WinUnder
08/07Natat HOUSTONDARVISH YU-12082WinPush
08/06Natat HOUSTONHARRELL LUCAS+12591WinUnder
08/05Natat HOUSTONPEREZ MARTIN+1708.5-5LossUnder
08/04Natat BALTIMOREGRIFFIN A.J.+1159.52WinUnder
08/03Natat BALTIMOREHAMELS COLE+1008.5-1LossUnder
08/02Natat BALTIMOREDARVISH YU-1258.5-4LossUnder
07/31Natvs KANSAS CITYHARRELL LUCAS-125102WinUnder
07/30Natvs KANSAS CITYPEREZ MARTIN-115101WinUnder
07/29Natvs KANSAS CITYGRIFFIN A.J.-12595WinOver
07/28Natvs KANSAS CITYHAMELS COLE-16591WinUnder
07/27Natvs OAKLANDDARVISH YU-1709-2LossOver
07/26Natvs OAKLANDMARTINEZ NICK+10010.5-3LossUnder
07/25Natvs OAKLANDPEREZ MARTIN-125101WinOver
07/24Natat KANSAS CITYGRIFFIN A.J.+10591WinUnder
07/23Natat KANSAS CITYHAMELS COLE-12093WinOver
07/22Natat KANSAS CITYDARVISH YU+1107.5-2LossUnder
07/20Natat LA ANGELSPEREZ MARTIN+1409-3LossOver
07/19Natat LA ANGELSLOHSE KYLE+11010-2LossOver
07/18Natat LA ANGELSGRIFFIN A.J.+1058.5-4LossOver
07/17Natat CHICAGO CUBSHAMELS COLE+1209.53WinUnder
07/16Natat CHICAGO CUBSDARVISH YU+1107.5-2LossUnder
07/15Natat CHICAGO CUBSPEREZ MARTIN+1828.5-6LossUnder
07/10Natvs MINNESOTAGRIFFIN A.J.-16010-10LossOver
07/09Natvs MINNESOTALOHSE KYLE-14510.5-2LossOver
07/08Natvs MINNESOTAHAMELS COLE-1859.51WinOver
07/07Natvs MINNESOTAGONZALEZ CHI CHI-11511-9LossPush
07/06Natat BOSTONPEREZ MARTIN+18010.5-5LossOver
07/05Natat BOSTONGRIFFIN A.J.+1859.55WinUnder
07/04Natat BOSTONMARTINEZ NICK+19011.5-7LossOver
07/03Natat MINNESOTAHAMELS COLE-1608.5-1LossOver
07/02Natat MINNESOTAGONZALEZ CHI CHI+1059.5-12LossOver
07/01Natat MINNESOTAPEREZ MARTIN-1209.51WinUnder
06/30Natat NY YANKEESGRIFFIN A.J.+1459-1LossUnder
06/29Natat NY YANKEESMARTINEZ NICK+1809-2LossOver
06/28Natat NY YANKEESHAMELS COLE-12086WinPush
06/27Natat NY YANKEESGONZALEZ CHI CHI+1159.53WinOver
06/26Natvs BOSTONPEREZ MARTIN-115104WinUnder
06/25Natvs BOSTONGRIFFIN A.J.+1109.57WinOver
06/24Natvs BOSTONMARTINEZ NICK+1759.5-1LossOver
06/22Natvs CINCINNATIHAMELS COLE-2209.52WinOver
06/21Natvs CINCINNATILEWIS COLBY-19510-6LossPush
06/20Natvs BALTIMOREHOLLAND DEREK-1059.51WinUnder
06/19Natat ST LOUISPEREZ MARTIN+11091WinPush
06/18Natat ST LOUISMARTINEZ NICK+16591WinUnder
06/17Natat ST LOUISHAMELS COLE+11081WinUnder
06/16Natat OAKLANDLEWIS COLBY+1008.54WinUnder
06/15Natat OAKLANDHOLLAND DEREK+14082WinOver
06/14Natat OAKLANDPEREZ MARTIN+1108.54WinOver
06/13Natat OAKLANDRAMOS CESAR+1408-9LossOver
06/12Natat SEATTLEHAMELS COLE+1057.52WinOver
06/11Natat SEATTLELEWIS COLBY+1757.51WinUnder
06/10Natat SEATTLEHOLLAND DEREK+1407.5-2LossOver
06/09Natvs HOUSTONPEREZ MARTIN+1209.52WinUnder
06/08Natvs HOUSTONDARVISH YU-1608.5-2LossUnder
06/07Natvs HOUSTONHAMELS COLE+10081WinUnder
06/06Natvs HOUSTONLEWIS COLBY+1159.51WinOver
06/05Natvs SEATTLEHOLLAND DEREK+1109.51WinUnder
06/04Natvs SEATTLEPEREZ MARTIN+10096WinOver
06/03Natvs SEATTLEDARVISH YU-1458.54WinOver
06/01Natat CLEVELANDHAMELS COLE-1108-1LossOver
05/31Natat CLEVELANDLEWIS COLBY+1908.54WinOver
05/28Natvs PITTSBURGHDARVISH YU-13593WinUnder
05/27Natvs PITTSBURGHHAMELS COLE-1309-8LossOver
05/25Natvs LA ANGELSLEWIS COLBY-1059.56WinOver
05/24Natvs LA ANGELSPEREZ MARTIN-11093WinUnder
05/23Natvs LA ANGELSHOLLAND DEREK-1059.5-2LossUnder
05/22Natat HOUSTONHAMELS COLE+1407.57WinOver
05/21Natat HOUSTONRAMOS CESAR+1708.51WinUnder
05/20Natat HOUSTONLEWIS COLBY+1458.51WinUnder
05/18Natat OAKLANDPEREZ MARTIN+1408-7LossOver
05/17Natat OAKLANDHAMELS COLE-1207.5-3LossOver
05/16Natat OAKLANDHOLLAND DEREK+1308-2LossUnder
05/15Natvs TORONTORAMOS CESAR+15591WinOver
05/14Natvs TORONTOLEWIS COLBY+12591WinOver
05/13Natvs TORONTOPEREZ MARTIN+11510-5LossUnder
05/11Natvs CHI WHITE SOXHAMELS COLE-14591WinOver
05/09Natvs CHI WHITE SOXLEWIS COLBY-1159.5-4LossOver
05/08Natat DETROITPEREZ MARTIN+12095WinOver
05/07Natat DETROITGRIFFIN A.J.-115105WinOver
05/06Natat DETROITHAMELS COLE+10084WinUnder
05/05Artat TORONTOHOLLAND DEREK+1828.5-10LossOver
05/04Artat TORONTOLEWIS COLBY+1829-1LossUnder
05/03Artat TORONTOPEREZ MARTIN+1709-2LossUnder
05/02Artat TORONTOGRIFFIN A.J.+15091WinUnder
05/01Natvs LA ANGELSHAMELS COLE-1158.5-3LossOver
04/30Natvs LA ANGELSHOLLAND DEREK+10095WinPush
04/29Natvs LA ANGELSLEWIS COLBY+13092WinUnder
04/27Natvs NY YANKEESPEREZ MARTIN-11591WinUnder
04/26Natvs NY YANKEESGRIFFIN A.J.+11099WinOver
04/25Natvs NY YANKEESRAMOS CESAR+1109-2LossUnder
04/24Natat CHI WHITE SOXHOLLAND DEREK+1108.5-3LossUnder
04/23Natat CHI WHITE SOXLEWIS COLBY+1308-1LossUnder
04/22Natat CHI WHITE SOXPEREZ MARTIN+1707.5-5LossUnder
04/21Natvs HOUSTONGRIFFIN A.J.+1708.53WinOver
04/20Natvs HOUSTONHAMELS COLE-1258.51WinUnder
04/19Natvs HOUSTONHOLLAND DEREK-10592WinOver
04/16Natvs BALTIMORELEWIS COLBY-1059.54WinOver
04/15Natvs BALTIMOREPEREZ MARTIN+1009-6LossOver
04/14Natvs BALTIMOREHAMELS COLE-12583WinOver
04/13Natat SEATTLEGRIFFIN A.J.+1357.5-2LossUnder
04/12Natat SEATTLEHOLLAND DEREK+12078WinOver
04/11Natat SEATTLELEWIS COLBY+16084WinOver
04/10Natat LA ANGELSPEREZ MARTIN+1159-2LossUnder
04/09Natat LA ANGELSHAMELS COLE+11073WinUnder
04/08Natat LA ANGELSGRIFFIN A.J.+11584WinOver
04/07Natat LA ANGELSHOLLAND DEREK+1308-1LossUnder
04/06Natvs SEATTLELEWIS COLBY+1209.5-4LossOver
04/05Natvs SEATTLEPEREZ MARTIN-1109-8LossOver
04/04Natvs SEATTLEHAMELS COLE-13081WinUnder
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FOOTBALL: 8/7/2016 - 10/31/2016
BASEBALL 8/10/2016 - 10/2/2016
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Notre Dame
Ryder CupRyder Cup - Day 205:30 AM PST
College FootballNotre Dame vs Syracuse09:00 AM PST
College FootballTexas vs Oklahoma State09:00 AM PST
MLBPittsburgh Pirates vs St. Louis Cardinals10:05 AM PST
MLBNew York Mets vs Philadelphia Phillies10:05 AM PST
College FootballNorth Carolina vs Florida State12:30 PM PST
College FootballWisconsin vs Michigan12:30 PM PST
College FootballTennessee vs Georgia12:30 PM PST
MLBLos Angeles Dodgers vs San Francisco Giants1:05 PM PST
MLBMiami Marlins vs Washington Nationals1:05 PM PST
MLBBaltimore Orioles vs New York Yankees1:05 PM PST
MLBChicago Cubs vs Cincinnati Reds1:10 PM PST
MLBCleveland Indians vs Kansas City Royals1:15 PM PST
College FootballOklahoma vs TCU2:00 PM PST
MLBToronto Blue Jays vs Boston Red Sox4:10 PM PST
MLBMinnesota Twins vs Chicago White Sox4:10 PM PST
MLBDetroit Tigers vs Atlanta Braves4:10 PM PST
College FootballLouisville vs Clemson5:00 PM PST
MLBTampa Bay Rays vs Texas Rangers5:05 PM PST
MLBMilwaukee Brewers vs Colorado Rockies5:10 PM PST
MLBSan Diego Padres vs Arizona Diamondbacks5:10 PM PST
College FootballArizona State vs USC5:30 PM PST
MLBHouston Astros vs Los Angeles Angels6:05 PM PST
MLBOakland Athletics vs Seattle Mariners6:10 PM PST
College FootballWyoming vs Colorado State7:15 PM PST
College FootballUtah State vs Boise State7:15 PM PST
College FootballArizona vs UCLA7:30 PM PST
NFLIndianapolis Colts vs Jacksonville Jaguars06:30 AM PST
NFLBuffalo Bills vs New England Patriots10:00 AM PST
NFLCleveland Browns vs Washington Redskins10:00 AM PST
NFLDetroit Lions vs Chicago Bears10:00 AM PST
NFLTennessee Titans vs Houston Texans10:00 AM PST
NFLCarolina Panthers vs Atlanta Falcons10:00 AM PST
NFLOakland Raiders vs Baltimore Ravens10:00 AM PST
NFLSeattle Seahawks vs New York Jets10:00 AM PST
MLBLos Angeles Dodgers vs San Francisco Giants12:05 PM PST
MLBMiami Marlins vs Washington Nationals12:05 PM PST
MLBNew York Mets vs Philadelphia Phillies12:05 PM PST
MLBOakland Athletics vs Seattle Mariners12:05 PM PST
MLBHouston Astros vs Los Angeles Angels12:05 PM PST
MLBBaltimore Orioles vs New York Yankees12:05 PM PST
MLBTampa Bay Rays vs Texas Rangers12:05 PM PST
MLBToronto Blue Jays vs Boston Red Sox12:05 PM PST
MLBSan Diego Padres vs Arizona Diamondbacks12:10 PM PST
MLBMilwaukee Brewers vs Colorado Rockies12:10 PM PST
MLBChicago Cubs vs Cincinnati Reds12:10 PM PST
MLBMinnesota Twins vs Chicago White Sox12:10 PM PST
MLBDetroit Tigers vs Atlanta Braves12:10 PM PST
MLBPittsburgh Pirates vs St. Louis Cardinals12:15 PM PST
MLBCleveland Indians vs Kansas City Royals12:15 PM PST
NFLDenver Broncos vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers1:05 PM PST
NFLNew Orleans Saints vs San Diego Chargers1:25 PM PST
NFLDallas Cowboys vs San Francisco 49ers1:25 PM PST
NFLLos Angeles Rams vs Arizona Cardinals1:25 PM PST
NFLKansas City Chiefs vs Pittsburgh Steelers5:30 PM PST
NFLNew York Giants vs Minnesota Vikings5:30 PM PST