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Matchup Reports

 Offensive StatisticsDefensive Statistics
2.6 / 2.2
3.2 / 2.6
Power Rating Line
The power rating system is based on recent game results. The section should be used to compare the relative strength of the two teams involved. A power line is calculated using both teams ratings and home field advantage. Where the power line differs significantly from the current line, the team with the edge is indicated.
 Power Rating Line
TeamsGoaliesRatingEstimated LineEdge
Team Trends and Angles
All team trends listed below apply to the current game.
LOS ANGELES - Recent ATS Trends
 ATS Win/Loss RecordOver/Under
 Current YearLast 3 YearsSince 1996  CurrentLast 3   Since 1996
in all games51-39-3.4111-92-6.1665-694-64.327-4161-103572-685
in a road game where where the total is 5 or less23-16+545-45-1.6141-140+11.410-1426-39102-114
second half of the season26-23-468-56-0.7371-386-3215-2241-63310-390
vs. division opponents21-16+0.341-31+2205-228-2512-1825-37184-212
after a division game18-18-6.835-37-12.7214-216-12.111-1420-35192-209
in the second round of the playoffs1-0+19-3+6.812-7+7.80-03-86-12
when leading in a playoff series0-0011-5+6.212-7+5.30-05-116-12
after a 3 game unbeaten streak14-6+4.626-13+6.880-78-10.79-615-1866-79
when playing against a team with a winning record26-21+2.867-55+7.1310-381-34.816-1644-53287-336
when playing against a team with a winning record in the second half of the season15-13+0.145-32+11.7172-214-17.79-1028-36155-191

ANAHEIM - Recent ATS Trends
 ATS Win/Loss RecordOver/Under
 Current YearLast 3 YearsSince 1996  CurrentLast 3   Since 1996
in all games58-31+17.194-83-0.8710-674-27.847-3880-85614-672
in a home game where where the total is 5 or less4-4-2.310-14-8.8153-141-214-210-7126-124
second half of the season29-18+0.556-43+1.4418-359+30.127-1943-48355-359
vs. division opponents22-8+11.532-22+9217-207-4.115-1325-27197-197
after a division game19-10+4.627-27-6.6213-209-32.119-930-22193-196
after 3 or more consecutive overs6-3+2.77-6+0.461-64-10.34-36-555-64
in the second round of the playoffs0-1-1.20-1-1.215-12+30-00-010-12
when trailing in a playoff series0-000-0017-14+4.20-00-017-9
revenging a home loss versus opponent8-1+718-12+7.273-57+13.76-215-1361-58
revenging a loss versus opponent20-10+6.840-36-0.1178-134+33.417-1138-31142-142
when playing against a team with a winning record25-17+5.338-43-5.9331-352+0.217-2234-41285-348
when playing against a team with a winning record in the second half of the season12-9-0.921-20-0.9203-192+28.710-1015-22168-193
Team Statistics
Peformance statistics for each team in various situations are listed below. Categories where a team has performed poorly are denoted in red. Categories where a team has performed well are denoted in green.
LOS ANGELES - Current Season Performance
 Straight UpAgainst SpreadTeamOpponent
All Games51-39-0-3.451-39-3.427-412.631.72.227.0
Team Stats (Road Games)26-21-0+2.926-21+2.912-202.531.62.329.6
Last 5 Games5-0-0+5.65-0+5.62-
Playoff Games5-3-0+2.45-3+2.45-13.632.43.035.4
vs. Division21-16-0+0.321-16+0.312-182.733.72.227.8
LOS ANGELES Team Statistics
 Scoring    Shots On GoalPower Plays 
Team Stats (All Games)90235736386132028548.2%3135116.3%386
Team Stats (Road Games)4711630324771014867.8%1502315.3%185
Team Stats (Last 5 Games)5215691316812.5%20525.0%37
Team Stats (Playoffs)82978131325911.2%28725.0%47
Team Stats (vs. Division)371002929375812468.0%1271814.2%160
Stats Against (All Games) 19855666891024328.1%3325416.3%337
Stats Against (Road Games) 1083040344713937.8%1832915.8%183
Stats Against (Last 5 Games) 7232001704.1%2314.3%13
Stats Against (Playoffs) 24698112838.5%36411.1%42
Stats Against (vs. Division) 801832264510287.8%1422014.1%134
LOS ANGELES - Goalie Statistics
 Goalie StatisticsTeam's record in starts
MARTIN JONES (All Games)201850447193.5%312-6+4.812-6-0+55-7
MARTIN JONES (Road Games)131234932693.4%18-4+4.18-4-0+44-4
MARTIN JONES (vs. Division)8717216394.8%15-2+2.85-2-0+30-4
MARTIN JONES (Last 4 Games)43797594.9%02-1+12-1-0+10-2
MARTIN JONES (Playoff Games)1044100.0%00-000-0-000-0
JONATHAN QUICK (All Games)57571461133891.6%532-25-332-25-0-521-25
JONATHAN QUICK (Road Games)252569363892.1%113-12-0.413-12-0-18-10
JONATHAN QUICK (vs. Division)262672266592.1%315-11+1.415-11-0012-12
JONATHAN QUICK (Last 4 Games)4413112796.9%04-0+4.64-0-0+41-1
JONATHAN QUICK (Playoff Games)8827825591.7%05-3+2.45-3-0+25-1

ANAHEIM - Current Season Performance
 Straight UpAgainst SpreadTeamOpponent
All Games58-31-0+1758-31+1747-383.231.12.628.9
Team Stats (Home Games)32-13-0+9.832-13+9.823-203.533.82.330.3
Last 5 Games2-3-0-1.42-3-1.43-
Playoff Games4-3-0+0.64-3+0.64-
vs. Division22-8-0+11.522-8+11.515-133.530.92.330.6
ANAHEIM Team Statistics
 Scoring    Shots On GoalPower Plays 
Team Stats (All Games)8928885107851111277110.4%3065116.7%484
Team Stats (Home Games)4515646614365152310.2%1713419.9%260
Team Stats (Last 5 Games)5156261014810.1%22522.7%27
Team Stats (Playoffs)72210471020210.9%30723.3%36
Team Stats (vs. Division)301052937354692711.3%1092018.3%173
Stats Against (All Games) 23076766991025689.0%3055217.0%394
Stats Against (Home Games) 1023931275413627.5%1582415.2%173
Stats Against (Last 5 Games) 166541014411.1%2229.1%26
Stats Against (Playoffs) 21776102159.8%33412.1%36
Stats Against (vs. Division) 70212520439197.6%1011312.9%119
ANAHEIM - Goalie Statistics
 Goalie StatisticsTeam's record in starts
FREDERIK ANDERSEN (All Games)343094987191.8%123-7+15.623-7-0+1517-13
FREDERIK ANDERSEN (Home Games)171450246893.2%012-2+8.412-2-0+89-5
FREDERIK ANDERSEN (vs. Division)111032330193.2%08-2+6.38-2-0+64-6
FREDERIK ANDERSEN (Last 4 Games)44958286.3%12-2-0.22-2-003-1
FREDERIK ANDERSEN (Playoff Games)6616614889.2%14-2+1.84-2-0+24-2
JOHN GIBSON (All Games)33878395.4%03-0+33-0-0+31-2
JOHN GIBSON (Home Games)22696594.2%02-0+22-0-0+21-1
JOHN GIBSON (vs. Division)22565496.4%02-0+22-0-0+21-1
JOHN GIBSON (Last 4 Games)33878395.4%03-0+33-0-0+31-2
JOHN GIBSON (Playoff Games)00000.0%00-000-0-000-0
JONAS HILLER (All Games)53511397127491.2%430-21-0.630-21-0-228-19
JONAS HILLER (Home Games)282875569792.3%417-11-1.717-11-0-213-13
JONAS HILLER (vs. Division)171750446391.9%011-6+2.211-6-0+210-5
JONAS HILLER (Last 4 Games)42767092.1%00-2-30-2-0-31-0
JONAS HILLER (Playoff Games)31494693.9%00-1-1.20-1-0-10-0
Average power rating of opponents played: LOS ANGELES 3.04,  ANAHEIM 3.1
Current Season Results And Upcoming Games
Here are the most recent results and upcoming schedules for the two teams involved. Lines, total, game scores, results versus the spread, straight up and against the total are all displayed.
LOS ANGELES - Schedule
4/9/2014at CALGARY3-4L0, -160L5 unO
4/10/2014at EDMONTON3-0W0, -145W5 ovU
4/12/2014ANAHEIM3-4L0, -125L5 ovO
4/17/2014at SAN JOSE3-6L0, +115L4.5 ovO
4/20/2014at SAN JOSE2-7L0, +120L5 unO
4/22/2014SAN JOSE3-4L0, -120L5 unO
4/24/2014SAN JOSE6-3W0, -110W5 evO
4/26/2014at SAN JOSE3-0W0, +140W5 ovU
4/28/2014SAN JOSE4-1W0, -125W5 ovP
4/30/2014at SAN JOSE5-1W0, +125W5 unO
5/3/2014at ANAHEIM3-2W0, +100W5 ovP
5/5/2014at ANAHEIM 

ANAHEIM - Schedule
4/9/2014SAN JOSE5-2W0, +100W5.5 unO
4/12/2014at LOS ANGELES4-3W0, +105W5 ovO
4/13/2014COLORADO3-2W0, -125W5.5 unU
4/16/2014DALLAS4-3W0, -170W5.5 unO
4/18/2014DALLAS3-2W0, -160W5.5 unU
4/21/2014at DALLAS0-3L0, -110L5.5 unU
4/23/2014at DALLAS2-4L0, -110L5.5 unO
4/25/2014DALLAS6-2W0, -160W5.5 unO
4/27/2014at DALLAS5-4W0, -115W5.5 unO
5/3/2014LOS ANGELES2-3L0, -120L5 ovP
5/5/2014LOS ANGELES 
5/8/2014at LOS ANGELES 
5/10/2014at LOS ANGELES 
Head-to-Head Series History
Listed below is a summary of the games results in recent Head-to-Head matchups.
All games in this series since 1996
ANAHEIM is 47-46-8 straight up against LOS ANGELES since 1996
48 of 95 games in this series have gone OVER THE TOTAL since 1996. (Over=-2.6 Units, Under=-5.3 Units)
Games over the last 3 seasons
LOS ANGELES is 9-7 (+1.0 Units) against the spread versus ANAHEIM over the last 3 seasons
LOS ANGELES is 9-7-0 straight up against ANAHEIM over the last 3 seasons
7 of 14 games in this series have gone OVER THE TOTAL over the last 3 seasons . (Over=-0.9 Units, Under=-0.3 Units)

All games played at ANAHEIM since 1996
ANAHEIM is 26-19-5 straight up against LOS ANGELES since 1996
27 of 46 games in this series have gone OVER THE TOTAL since 1996. (Over=+6.2 Units)
Games played at ANAHEIM over the last 3 seasons.
ANAHEIM is 4-4-0 straight up against LOS ANGELES over the last 3 seasons
4 of 6 games in this series have gone OVER THE TOTAL over the last 3 seasons . (Over=+1.8 Units)

 Team StatisticsGoalie Statistics
DateTeamsScoreLineTotalResultShotsASTPwr PlayStarterShotsSaves
5/3/2014LOS ANGELES30, +100 SU ATS3664-1QUICK3533
 ANAHEIM20, -1205 ov 3544-0HILLER3633
4/12/2014ANAHEIM40, +105 SU ATS2434-0ANDERSEN3027
 LOS ANGELES30, -1255 ov Over3054-0QUICK2421
3/15/2014ANAHEIM20, +125 SU ATS2043-0ANDERSEN3837
 LOS ANGELES10, -1455 ov Under3823-1JONES2018
1/25/2014ANAHEIM30, -115 SU ATS2143-0HILLER3636
NLOS ANGELES00, -1055 un Under3604-0QUICK2018
1/23/2014LOS ANGELES10, +115  Under3124-0QUICK2119
 ANAHEIM20, -1355 ovSU ATS2135-1ANDERSEN3130
12/3/2013LOS ANGELES30, +125 SU ATS5115-0JONES2826
 ANAHEIM20, -1455 ov 2846-1HILLER5149
4/13/2013ANAHEIM10, +130  Under2001-0FASTH1816
 LOS ANGELES20, -1505 ovSU ATS1846-1QUICK2019
4/7/2013LOS ANGELES30, -105  Over3852-1BERNIER2219
 ANAHEIM40, -1155 ovSU ATS2264-1FASTH3835
2/25/2013ANAHEIM20, +130  Over2643-1FASTH2420
 LOS ANGELES50, -1505 ovSU ATS25102-1QUICK2624
2/2/2013LOS ANGELES40, -115  Over3474-2QUICK31
 ANAHEIM70, -1055 ovSU ATS25104-3HILLER3430
Team Line Action - Where the money is going!
Oddsmakers move a line in part because of one-sided public betting action on a side or total. They also move the line in reaction to wise guys selections. Either way, this section attempts to uncover whether the wise guys and public have a read on a given team. It summarizes both line and total movements. As a general rule, follow the line or total movement when percentages exceed 57% and go against it when they are below 43%.
Key Player Injuries
[D] 05/04/2014 - Robyn Regehr "?" Monday vs. Anaheim ( Upper Body )
[D] 05/03/2014 - Willie Mitchell out indefinitely ( Lower Body )
[D] 04/21/2014 - Stephane Robidas out for season ( Leg )
[RW] 04/18/2014 - Tim Jackman out indefinitely ( Hand )
[RW] 10/30/2013 - Nick Sorensen out indefinitely ( Concussion )
[D] 10/01/2013 - Sheldon Souray out for season ( Wrist )
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