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Upcoming Games
06/308:00 PMat CHICAGO
07/0911:30 AMat WASHINGTON
07/123:05 PMat ATLANTA
07/1511:05 AMvs SAN ANTONIO
07/167:05 PMvs CONNECTICUT
07/1810:05 PMat PHOENIX
07/2110:05 PMat SEATTLE
EASTERN Division Standings
NEW YORK15-210.41715-2141.7%72.476.89-96-12
[F] 06/15/2015 - Rebecca Allen out for season ( Knee )
(!)[G] 06/04/2015 - Epiphanny Prince is expected to return 7/9 vs. Washington Mystics ( Personal )
Game LOG for the 2012 SeasonResultsOffenseDefense
DateOpponentLine OUScoreSUATSOUFG%FT%3PT%FG%FT%3PT%
09/29vs CONNECTICUT+4151.562-75LLUn41.5%71.4%20.0%43.1%73.7%31.2%
09/27at CONNECTICUT+9.515460-65LWUn26.0%93.8%21.7%40.9%77.8%28.6%
09/22vs TULSA-7153.591-74WWOv46.3%84.6%50.0%38.9%47.4%31.0%
09/20at TULSA-4.5154.566-78LLUn42.4%71.4%29.4%45.3%66.7%46.7%
09/18at SAN ANTONIO+615366-77LLUn41.9%50.0%18.8%43.5%87.5%42.9%
09/16at WASHINGTON-914575-68WLUn38.9%100.0%31.2%43.5%84.6%21.4%
09/12vs WASHINGTON-10.514875-62WWUn50.9%71.4%38.9%38.3%72.2%21.4%
09/09vs LOS ANGELES+5.515873-71WWUn38.0%68.4%30.0%40.6%50.0%35.0%
09/07vs CHICAGO+114483-92LLOv43.5%68.2%47.1%50.8%95.2%34.8%
09/05vs PHOENIX-7159.587-59WWUn47.4%54.5%40.9%24.6%83.3%22.7%
09/01vs WASHINGTON-8.5144.579-73WLOv48.4%91.7%37.5%46.8%75.0%23.1%
08/30vs INDIANA+4149.563-76LLUn46.7%66.7%33.3%44.3%66.7%42.1%
08/26at SEATTLE+7.514366-84LLOv38.2%64.3%29.4%50.0%81.0%38.9%
08/25at LOS ANGELES+10158.562-87LLUn37.3%61.5%23.5%43.5%70.8%40.0%
08/23at PHOENIX-7.5150.589-77WWOv46.9%88.9%48.1%38.6%79.2%23.5%
08/21at CHICAGO+514877-67WWUn47.4%69.6%36.8%38.0%57.1%26.3%
08/18at CONNECTICUT+7154.574-85LLOv48.3%81.8%50.0%47.9%77.8%27.3%
08/16vs CONNECTICUT+3153.579-66WWUn45.3%83.3%37.5%42.0%80.0%23.5%
07/13vs WASHINGTON-714553-70LLUn32.4%88.9%6.7%42.9%67.9%25.0%
07/10at INDIANA+11.515282-84LWOv47.1%100.0%53.8%52.5%78.6%50.0%
07/08vs SAN ANTONIO+3.5147.581-94LLOv46.2%100.0%65.0%55.1%63.6%37.9%
07/06at CHICAGO+5.514364-59WWUn38.6%66.7%26.7%37.3%28.6%20.0%
06/30vs SEATTLE-2139.577-59WWUn42.9%80.0%17.6%32.2%89.5%18.2%
06/24vs ATLANTA-6.5148.564-74LLUn34.3%64.7%35.7%38.6%77.3%27.3%
06/21at MINNESOTA+15.515170-102LLOv38.9%57.1%45.5%46.8%74.1%55.6%
06/19at ATLANTA+4.5152.573-60WWUn50.8%83.3%42.9%35.3%66.7%28.6%
06/15at CONNECTICUT+816255-97LLUn36.5%80.0%10.0%50.7%87.5%44.4%
06/10vs CHICAGOPK14564-73LLUn38.5%81.8%31.2%43.9%83.3%33.3%
06/08at WASHINGTON+2.5143.576-70WWOv48.3%78.6%53.8%40.0%70.6%28.6%
06/05vs ATLANTA-216179-74WWUn44.9%76.9%38.9%37.8%72.7%16.7%
06/03vs INDIANA+3.5150.587-72WWOv44.3%84.2%47.4%40.4%86.4%36.8%
06/02at INDIANA+9.5153.568-91LLOv39.1%75.0%29.4%46.7%81.5%50.0%
05/25at ATLANTA+5.516174-100LLOv43.9%78.6%33.3%49.4%76.5%50.0%
05/22vs MINNESOTA+615062-80LLUn33.8%63.6%23.8%51.6%76.5%30.0%
05/20at CONNECTICUT+715477-92LLOv42.6%68.2%23.5%44.9%89.7%26.7%
05/19vs CONNECTICUT+1.515473-78LLUn38.9%62.5%13.3%39.7%73.3%41.7%
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BASEBALL 6/5/2015 - 8/12/2015
RK Team
San Francisco Giants
Kansas City Royals
St Louis Cardinals
Oakland Athletics
Toronto Blue Jays
ATP - Wimbledon, London, Great BritainTSONGA, JO-WILFRIED vs. MULLER, GILLES03:30 AM PST
ATP - Wimbledon, London, Great BritainYMER, ELIAS vs. KARLOVIC, IVO03:30 AM PST
ATP - Wimbledon, London, Great BritainJAZIRI, MALEK vs. DUCKWORTH, JAMES03:30 AM PST
ATP - Wimbledon, London, Great BritainSUGITA, YUICHI vs. KAVCIC, BLAZ04:45 AM PST
ATP - Wimbledon, London, Great BritainSOCK, JACK vs. GROTH, SAMUEL05:00 AM PST
ATP - Wimbledon, London, Great BritainBELLUCCI, THOMAZ vs. NADAL, RAFAEL05:00 AM PST
ATP - Wimbledon, London, Great BritainALMAGRO, NICHOLAS vs. SIMON, GILLES05:00 AM PST
WTA - Wimbledon, London, Great BritainRADWANSKA, AGNIESZKA vs. HRADECKA, LUCIE05:00 AM PST
WTA - Wimbledon, London, Great BritainTOMLJANOVIC, AJLA vs. KOUKALOVA, KLARA05:00 AM PST
WTA - Wimbledon, London, Great BritainRODINA, EVGENIYA vs. ROBSON, LAURA05:00 AM PST
ATP - Wimbledon, London, Great BritainDZUMHUR, DAMIR vs. FEDERER, ROGER06:05 AM PST
ATP - Wimbledon, London, Great BritainSTEPANEK, RADEK vs. BEDENE, ALJAZ06:15 AM PST
ATP - Wimbledon, London, Great BritainKRAJINOVIC, FILIP vs. MAHUT, NICOLAS06:15 AM PST
ATP - Wimbledon, London, Great BritainLOPEZ, FELICIANO vs. DARCIS, STEVE06:15 AM PST
ATP - Wimbledon, London, Great BritainVANNI, LUCA vs. WARD, JAMES06:15 AM PST
WTA - Wimbledon, London, Great BritainDUAN, YING-YING vs. BOUCHARD, EUGENIE06:15 AM PST
WTA - Wimbledon, London, Great BritainJANKOVIC, JELENA vs. VESNINA, ELENA06:15 AM PST
WTA - Wimbledon, London, Great BritainCEPELOVA, JANA vs. HALEP, SIMONA06:30 AM PST
WTA - Wimbledon, London, Great BritainMAKAROVA, EKATERINA vs. VICKERY, SACHIA06:30 AM PST
ATP - Wimbledon, London, Great BritainMONFILS, GAEL vs. CARRENO-BUSTA, PABLO07:30 AM PST
ATP - Wimbledon, London, Great BritainKUKUSHKIN, MIKHAIL vs. MURRAY, ANDY07:45 AM PST
ATP - Wimbledon, London, Great BritainBERDYCH, TOMAS vs. CHARDY, JEREMY07:45 AM PST
WTA - Wimbledon, London, Great BritainWOZNIACKI, CAROLINE vs. ZHENG, SAISAI07:45 AM PST
WTA - Wimbledon, London, Great BritainGAJDOSOVA, JARMILA vs. LISICKI, SABINE07:45 AM PST
WTA - Wimbledon, London, Great BritainKUZNETSOVA, SVETLANA vs. SIEGEMUND, LAURA07:45 AM PST
WTA - Wimbledon, London, Great BritainKEYS, MADISON vs. VOEGELE, STEFANIE07:45 AM PST
WTA - Wimbledon, London, Great BritainWATSON, HEATHER vs. GARCIA, CAROLINE07:50 AM PST
MLBBrewers vs Phillies4:05 PM PST
MLBRangers vs Orioles4:05 PM PST
MLBRed Sox vs Blue Jays4:05 PM PST
MLBPirates vs Tigers4:05 PM PST
MLBCubs vs NY Mets4:10 PM PST
MLBSF Giants vs Marlins4:10 PM PST
MLBNationals vs Braves4:10 PM PST
MLBIndians vs TB Rays4:10 PM PST
MLBTwins vs Reds4:10 PM PST
MLBKC Royals vs Astros5:10 PM PST
MLBWhite Sox vs Cardinals5:10 PM PST
MLBLA Dodgers vs Diamondbacks6:40 PM PST
MLBNY Yankees vs LA Angels7:05 PM PST
MLBRockies vs Athletics7:05 PM PST
MLBMariners vs SD Padres7:10 PM PST